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Sometimes in life your wife will go to Funky Dance Workout and when she’s there she’ll meet a curly-haired girl, who turns out to be an artist with several different alter-egos, each of which makes art in a different style. Then you’ll get invited to her private view, and her parents will be there dressed up and in character as patrons of the arts. And the whole thing will turn out to be the most fun you’ve had all week.

Rose Popay video after the jump.

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Headed over to the Academy last night for the Jill Scott show. I got her latest album The Real Thing – Words & Sounds Vol. 3 over the weekend with the intention of doing some revision so I knew the songs. I haven’t been massively impressed with the album – it’s a bit boring I reckon. However, the lady knows how to put on a show, and the gig was amazing. Her voice is sooooo good, super powerful, but she uses her full range of tone and power all the time, so it’s not like listening to Anasthasia or summat!

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This is it – I’m up. Now I’m frickin’ doin’ it! Where’s my hook-ups? Where’s all the free proddy? I’ve been hanging out with the cool people, and having my picture taken with famous cool people. As soon as I learn to use this bloody thing, I’m taking over…

Mike Carroll (pro-skater hero, for those that don’t know)and Ward-a-mercy (running down stairs hero)
Mike Carrol and Ward-a-mercy at the London Lakai screening

Ward-a-mercy on Flickr