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If you were to buy the current issue of Sidewalk magazine (the one with Father Christmas skating a snowman pool) you would find my first published skate photo (the one with the graffiti on the right hand page):

See the picture here


I’ve recently taken delivery of a bike from my Dad. He was given it for his 40th Birthday, and he’s 57 now. It hasn’t had a lot of use in the last few years, and I needed a bike to get around town on, so it started its life with me:

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Inspired by a visit to my old compadre Dickie Hale’s blog, I thought I’d post this up here.

I spotted this in Clifton, Bristol, this April:


I need to declare an interest here, because Paul took my wedding photos. Anyway, Paul’s got some of his personal work up in Bar Humbug on Bristol’s Whiteladies Road. They’re photos of objects that have been a part of his personal development, that he’s worked into using Photoshop and a Wacom Tablet.

Mic & Tape

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“Guerilla Galleries” is a gallery with no fixed home that pops up in vacant shops and other temporary retail spaces around Bristol. Good so far. The exhibition is one of “graffiti and street art”. OK. Read the rest of this entry »

Ward-a-mercy on Flickr