“Guerilla Galleries” is a gallery with no fixed home that pops up in vacant shops and other temporary retail spaces around Bristol. Good so far. The exhibition is one of “graffiti and street art”. OK.

Inkie had some good work in there, as did Ziml, in fact most of the work was of a pretty good standard. But somehow I felt that there was something missing. I guess it is what it is: a commercial enterprise to show and (hopefully) sell “street art” to a wider audience.


I think in the wake of the Banksy hysteria, there is a re-assessment of the worth of street art and where it sits in the artistic realm. I guess this is part of that process with artists, curators and the public figuring out whether to accept this into the art main-stream or cast it back into the “underground” where it came from.

In the mean time we’ve got to make up our minds for ourselves. And I’m not sure.

Guerrilla Galleries