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The Thursday Night Skate Crew hit up the new block on Thursday night, with the intention of making some tricks and shooting some flicks. Job done!

Wes Morgan, Fakie 5/0

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That’s right. That is a MASSIVE Starbar! Wes hit 30 a couple of weeks ago so Helen and I decided to do the right thing by our boy and make him a fully-functional scaled-up version of his favourite choccy bar.

The fully documented build-up can be found on Helen’s blog here.

Been a busy boy lately (not as busy as the wife, mind – she’s always on it!). I’ve been planning to make a little block for skating for a while now. One that I can fit into my car boot and take to the piece of flat ground of my choice, so I can train up my grinds and slides, and not appear such a lame-ass old man when faced with a ledge in the wild. After a long time refining the design in my head I finally reached the stage where I could build it. More info and pictures after the jump.

Here’s Wes with a lipslide on the finished article:

Wes blessing the block

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Frickin’ Awesome! Back online. It’s been a while, so I thought I’d start off with a post about my latest acquisition. The Deathtrap served me well, getting me on the streets enjoying the thrill of speed, agility and limited braking. But I tired of the incessant rattles and the concern of my work colleagues, so I hit Ebay. Hard.

I finally came up with this little number: aluminium frame (possibly Cannondale?); Alex deep rims; Shimano hubs and just about everything else. But basically it looks tough. Street Warrior, guy! I’m well stoked. It’s so quick, you just can’t cruise on it, perfect for city riding. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give to you: The Deathrace 3000.

Deathrace 3000

Ward-a-mercy on Flickr