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This is a dangerous little beast. I’ve had it a couple of weeks and I’ve been pushing my top speed up every few days. I’m now knocking on the door of 40mph, which isn’t gonna break any records, but it ain’t bad for a 10 minute commute through central Bristol at rush-hour!

Lovely day today. Went out with Jasper to get some pictures for his interview on Crossfire. Unfortunately, our boy bruised his heel at the Hotwells big three before we’d shot a single trick. Carter came out and I was hoping to get some shots of him, but he was still pretty tired from the night before – “It’s like 12 O’Clock in the morning, man!”.

We ended up heading over to Yatton to check out the new park there. It’s nice. There’s a really good manny-pad / block, and a pretty well layed-out standard UK street course.

We cruised it for a bit, then I shot this photo of a kid called Sam from Portishead. Gutted his hand popped out of the top of the frame – it didn’t quite come together after this one. There’s a park overview after the jump.

Yatton Skatepark

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