Ideal miniramp overview

Ideal miniramp overview

Wes has finally passed his driving test and to celebrate he took us on a trip up to Birmingham to skate the Ideal Miniramp. It was kind of half skate-mission, half motorway driving lesson. As another little bonus it was the first skate trip for my new camera. Woop woop!

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For the second year in a row we took a road trip in August. And for the second year in a row it was named the Hell Tour for reasons that I haven’t managed to figure out. Our roadtrips these days are so un-hellish, we roll in Beemers and Benzos, and Pigdog brought his food in a pink tupperware lunchbox.

Bournemouth was the destination this year; Kings Park and Slade Farm skateparks. I didn’t manage to get any shots from Kings Park as I didn’t want to lose any precious skate time between the rain showers. But I got some pics from Slade Farm, an old 70’s relic that’s pretty mellow and really good fun to skate.


The more hellish Trowbridge/Bristol connection and Jam on the right

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Raleigh Scorpio Fixed Phase 2

Raleigh Scorpio Fixed Phase 2

Work has continued on the Scorpio over the last couple of weeks…

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Raleigh Scorpio first fix
Raleigh Scorpio first fix

ere’s the Raleigh Scorpio that I recently rescued from the binmen. It’s in the first phase of its conversion to a fixed gear bike. I had a new wheel-set built for it at Bristol Bike Workshop. System Ex Hubs and Mavic Open Pro rims.

For the future I have some bits due to go on it – flat bars, white Oury grips, white/black Dirty Harry brake lever which should go on this weekend. I’m going to remove the decals. On my wish list are a new white saddle, a nicer seat post, some metal toe-clips and white leather straps. Eventually I may replace the crankset for something a bit swisher too!

Skated at the Showcase steep bank spot in Bristol at the weekend. I was having a pretty crap session and it was beautifully rounded off by a juicy slam into a load of broken glass. I cut my hand on the tarmac and noticed a little bit of discomfort around the pant area. I pulled a little chunk of glass out of my undercrackers but didn’t really think much else of it until I got undressed that night and found this:

Glassy arse

The joys of skateboarding!

On Sunday we went for a good old-fashioned road-trip to find some full-pipes. We had a tip-off of a skate-able pipe near Bridgend in Wales, so loaded up a couple of the Benzes and headed out west. What we found was a yard full of old silos in the middle of nowhere. Very promising!

We found the right pipe, shifted about a ton’s worth of wooden crates out of it, then set about skating the bugger. We got about 15 minutes until we were told to get out or face the wrath of the Bridgend Police. Just about managed to grab a couple of photos before we legged it.

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Raleigh Scorpio

As I was on my way to the Zen Dojo early this morning I spied this little beauty out of the corner of my eye. I had a little look at it, just lent up against a railing where people from my street leave stuff in a kind of neater, more middle-class version of fly-tipping. Both tyres were flat and it wasn’t locked up, which I took to mean that it hadn’t been used in a while and it was unwanted. I didn’t want to take it there and then, but I decided that if it was still there when I came back from work this evening I’d have it.

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I decided that my photography is only going to improve so much by focusing solely on taking skate photos. So I thought I’d turn my experience in the dark arts of off camera flash into a force for good. I got on ebay and ordered me a cheapo umbrella / softbox effort from Hong Kong, and low and behold, I am now fully equipped for portraiture (well maybe not fully equipped – there’s always room for a bit more photography kit!). With a little bit of help from Strobist I was ready to rock.

As soon as I got it home I started experimenting with my new light-modifying toy, my Metz 45s and the old faithful Quantumn Radio Slave 4i’s. Here’s my first shot, my beautiful wife:

Helen portrait.

Then there was no stopping me, so when Tom popped round later in the week, he got hit with the brolly too. Results after the Jump ->

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This is a dangerous little beast. I’ve had it a couple of weeks and I’ve been pushing my top speed up every few days. I’m now knocking on the door of 40mph, which isn’t gonna break any records, but it ain’t bad for a 10 minute commute through central Bristol at rush-hour!

Lovely day today. Went out with Jasper to get some pictures for his interview on Crossfire. Unfortunately, our boy bruised his heel at the Hotwells big three before we’d shot a single trick. Carter came out and I was hoping to get some shots of him, but he was still pretty tired from the night before – “It’s like 12 O’Clock in the morning, man!”.

We ended up heading over to Yatton to check out the new park there. It’s nice. There’s a really good manny-pad / block, and a pretty well layed-out standard UK street course.

We cruised it for a bit, then I shot this photo of a kid called Sam from Portishead. Gutted his hand popped out of the top of the frame – it didn’t quite come together after this one. There’s a park overview after the jump.

Yatton Skatepark

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