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I decided that my photography is only going to improve so much by focusing solely on taking skate photos. So I thought I’d turn my experience in the dark arts of off camera flash into a force for good. I got on ebay and ordered me a cheapo umbrella / softbox effort from Hong Kong, and low and behold, I am now fully equipped for portraiture (well maybe not fully equipped – there’s always room for a bit more photography kit!). With a little bit of help from Strobist I was ready to rock.

As soon as I got it home I started experimenting with my new light-modifying toy, my Metz 45s and the old faithful Quantumn Radio Slave 4i’s. Here’s my first shot, my beautiful wife:

Helen portrait.

Then there was no stopping me, so when Tom popped round later in the week, he got hit with the brolly too. Results after the Jump ->

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